How to shoot your kids O,o!!!

A Black Tie Affair Gradient Papers

A Black Tie Affair Gradient

Ha! Made ya look!

Yea, its a really old photog joke, sorry but it had to be done. Kids are great fun to have on a shoot and you can always count on them for some awesome candid moments. A successful photo shoot with kids does take a little preparation though, so here are some tips that work great for young kids, but can help with some of the older ones as well….(sideways glance at Dad)

  • Whether or not you are taking formal portraits, it always helps to get everyone’s outfit together the night before, having everything in one place for each person (not just the little ones) will help things move right along.
  • Make sure everyone has the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, kids can get a bit grumpy if they aren’t rested. If your kids are still taking naps then be sure to schedule your shot around that time. (Another glance toward Dad)
  • Don’t let the kiddos come to the shoot hungry! I’m not asking you to carb load them mind you, but a nice healthy snack before the shot can work wonders. It’s also a great idea to keep some for during the shoot, carrots and apples work well for this.
  • If possible have the kids dress at the venue or location. This is not always possible especially for outdoor locations but the obvious benefit is that little Johnny and Susie will have way less time to mess up their outfits!