About Me

KarianneWelcome to Raven Photographic services!

Thanks for stopping by! I guess this is where I start droning on about, what an exceptional photographer I am, or awe you with a powerful command of technical jargon…NOT! That’s just not me and it never will be.  You likely came here looking for a photographer, so I will spend some time letting you get to know me. I think that’s really important, because a good photographer does more than shoot pic’s and remove moles.

I do portraiture in several styles and move to and from each during a photo shoot depending on where the spirit takes me. I do traditional, candid and lifestyle portraits for the most part. I work with natural and strobe light, and I will take on any location, I love a good challenge! I am comfortable working outdoors as well as indoors and like a nice variety of assignments, however there are two types of assignments that I usually pass on, Boudoir and Wedding photography.

I can’t do Boudoir because I am happily married, and my wife is a huge part of my quality control. I value her opinion and I think it would just be too awkward explaining why the photo shoot produced such nice shots…nope not this guy! Weddings are wonderful, great events, momentous in scope and rife with passion and emotions. I have shot at weddings for friends and family but only as a quest, and in a casual capacity. I did a lot of research and found that a lot of wedding photographers end up in strait jackets, singing songs from Frozen in rubber rooms. Also, not this guy. So, anything other than these two things I am down for. I will even shoot with pets!

So take a look around and if you like what you see let’s setup an appointment to talk. I’ll want to know what your expectations are, what location you have in mind, what’s the color scheme of your home, do you want something formal or casual?

Hope to be speaking with you soon!